High-paying online slots coming to South Africa

There is a new wave of South African-facing casino operators making waves in the market. These casinos offer slot games with the highest payout percentages available in the online gambling industry today and allow for ZAR-payouts to boot. To investigate and find the best recommended South African online casino sites which offer safe and secure gambling with huge sign-up bonuses and rewards, click here: { http://www.za-onlinecasino.biz }

Identifying high-paying online slots

Before blindly signing up for the first online casino, South African players must know how to identify the best slot games for the best experience. These are the online slot games that offer a good balance between high payouts and the most entertaining slot game features. A bonus consideration is the fact there are some games that promise the opportunity of huge jackpot payouts.

In order for a player to find these high-playing slot games, he needs to first identify a reputable and licensed online casino where to play these games at. This will require a whole investigation on its own. There are various criteria that players can look at when considering a new entrant to the South African gambling market, starting with the casino's credentials and licenses.

Looking at legitimate online casinos

There are various factors that tell us whether the intentions of an online casino is legit or not. Firstly there is the casino license. If this license is issued by an authoritative gambling authority such as the MGA it means that the casino went through the effort to have its operations and games certified to be able to offer a fair gambling experience to players.

Other operations aspects to look at are the financial flows and the customers service offered. If the casino supports and facilitates hassle-free deposits and withdrawals with supported payment methods then it is a good sign. Especially the withdrawal process needs to investigated. The process time of withdrawals is important and it should preferably be processed back to the player's original deposit method.

Why is the customer service important?

Customer service personnel are the front-desk or the face of the online casino. Their responsiveness and knowledge will give you an indication of how the casino treats players in general. If there are various communication channels available then it is a sign that the casino takes feedback from players seriously and will be helpful rather than accusatory when it comes to serious aspects such as payment disputes.

In addition, frequently asked questions should be answered on a FAQ page displayed prominently. The important aspect of bonus terms & conditions and the always confusing wagering requirements should be clarified up front without players having to be expected to dig around reams of terms and conditions pages. How the casino caters for questions and issues of bona fide players will predict how registered and paying players are treated.

What is the RTP?

A game's RTP percentage is a measure that tells the player how much of his wagers he can expect back over time. Practically it means to the layer that ff a slot game lists the RTP percentage at 96.75%, it means that for every ZAR100 a player spends on the game, he can expect to receive ZAR96.75 back to him over time.

Coupled with the slot game's RTP percentage is the volatility index. Volatility or variance indicates the risk involved in playing a certain slot game. High volatility means that over the long term the slot game will pay out less often but in bigger amounts. Low volatility means that the slot game will offer payouts more often but the amounts will be much less.


Playing the highest-paying slot games

The variety of a casino's games is a main aspect of investigating a casino. These games should be provided by a few online game suppliers and the casino should be transparent by displaying important game information like the return to player (RTP) percentage and volatility level. These indicators will help the player identify the highest paying slots that he could try out for free.

The fact that the casino offers the play of its slot games for free is another aspect to look at. Players would typically like to do their investigations into casinos and their games variety and providers without the financial commitment of deposits or even parting with registration details to risk future spam. South African players can look forward to lots of new slots entertainment, but "Caveat Emptor!"