Play Online Keno

Online casinos have made playing games easier. You can now play different amazing games from anywhere you are without going to a brick and mortar casino. One of the many games that top online casinos feature is Keno. You can find Keno casinos on .


Understanding the Keno Gameplay

Keno is a type of lottery game where players will select numbers and a raffle is held. To play this game, you'll need to purchase a keno card. A typical keno card consists of numbers 1 to 80, but some consist of up to 120 numbers.

  1. Keno is similar to lottery
  2. It is played with keno cards and balls drawn in a raffle

In the online version of keno games, the keno card is displayed on your device screen. You will be allowed to select up to 10 numbers on the card depending on the variation. After you've selected your lucky numbers, a raffle round begins.

The Raffle Draw

In the raffle round, there are up to 20 numbered balls that will be drawn automatically. If the number you selected on your card happens to be among the numbers picked during the raffle round, you have won a prize in the game.

What decides the amount you can win in keno is how many of your numbers are selected during the raffle round. For detailed information about the payout of an online keno game, you can click on the rules page embedded in the game.

Learn Keno for Free

One of the best ways you can learn how to play online keno is to first play free versions of it online. Several online casinos feature their keno games in demo mode so that players can get familiar with the features and the way it works.

Most online keno variants you see at online casinos have been optimized and are responsive on different devices including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Playing keno online does not involve downloading any special application. You only need a good internet connection and your device.

How to Select the Best Keno Casino

We've explained how keno is played and the basic rules of the game. If you want to play the game at an online casino, it is very important that you choose the best casino. You should consider licensing matters. Top keno casinos hold licences from authorities such as:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Swedish Gaming Commission

Next to the licensing matters, you also need to pay attention to the bonuses offered. Play keno at a casino that offers you bonuses to use on the game. Also, check out the different payment methods you are permitted to use and customer support.

Summary and Final Verdict

Keno is truly an impressive game to play and it also highly rewarding if you are lucky enough to predict all the numbers drawn right. Learning how to play the game is also not difficult as you can use free versions to know all the moves allowed.

Do not also forget that the amount of money you can win on any keno game is based on the numbers guessed correctly. Lastly, always ensure that you play the game at a reputable casino that is well-known in the gaming industry for its awesome services.